What I have noticed more within the past four years is that most brides, companies, organizations that hold functions or have weddings don’t necessarily need a planner.  For instance, many brides include family and friends for some parts of the planning because it adds the personal touch to their day.  They ask me to come in and create the jaw-dropping aesthetics/designs which includes, color, lighting, custom elements, ect.  This also goes for our corporate clients.  We make sure that focal points are grand stand, chiavari chairs are nicely draped, or the towering centerpieces are a conversational piece.  

Pride Designs specializes in creating strong design concept and details inspired by you.  From developing the overall style and story of your event or wedding to executing fine personal details, we handle all design-related areas with careful thoughtfulness and purpose.  We help you sort through all of your ideas and offer guidance on how to filter, enhance and translate them into a unique event that is completely reflective of your taste and personality.

We pride ourselves in taking the time and energy to understand our clients, their preferences, and their story.  When you first approach Pride Designs for assistance, we start the design process by asking you a multitude of questions about your likes, dislikes, and preferences for style in an effort to know your taste.  We also try to learn about your personality, love story, goal and wish list so that we have plenty of information from which to draw for the details that will make your event and/or wedding unique and personal.  Since our focus at Pride Designs is on aesthetics, we have partnered with experts in logistics.  We have built excellent partnerships and have built an immaculate list of preferred vendors what will only deliver the best to our clients.  

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